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About the Wild Beaver Saloon

"The best dam bar to Sing Along, Drink Along & Rock Along with all your friends." 

The Wild Beaver Saloon is the kind of place you’ll feel right at home enjoying our rock-n-roll & coun- try music. Our design has a laid-back friendly envi- ronment that fills your imagination with the won- derment of being on the backlot of a movie shot in a Colorado mountain lodge. It is truly an experience you will not forget. Magical. We pride ourselves in being the kind of place you find yourself saying, “Let’s go back and sing-along, drink-along & rock-along at the Wild Beaver Saloon” again and again! Our concept was born out of the desire to bring fun and energy back to life within the bar scene. We opened our first Wild Beaver Saloon in 2006 in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Since then there has been no looking back. People love our antics. It is not uncommon to hear bells & whistles, along with sirens ringing, as our Beaverettes (female serving staff) enjoy having a good time with our customers. The appeal of the Wild Beaver Saloon revolves around our highly entertaining staff. They dance, sing karaoke, talk on the bullhorn, and if you’re not careful they might just get you to do the same. Bachelor and Bachelorette parties come to the Beaver to be the stars and we make sure we give them an embarrassingly good time. We’re known for the “Best Dam Karaoke” and our live music too. The Wild Beaver Saloon attracts college students, professionals and really all ages from all walks of life. It’s a beaverlicoius good time!  Since our first Wild Beaver Saloon opened in 2006 we have been begged, prodded, threatened and harassed to open one in every city our customers come from. The response has been phenomenal. People love the Beaver! We now have two (2) locations: Nashville, TN, and Indianapolis, IN under our pelts. We believe it is time to open up Wild Beaver Saloons all across the USA

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